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Homes For Sale: Asheville NC

Asheville North Carolina is the ideal mountain location in North Carolina for many reasons. Loads of people desire to live in the friendly communities and lovely rural mountain areas in and around the city of Asheville. The scenery, weather, and diverse opportunities for growth and inspiration are what makes the city of Asheville so special. If you are searching for a location in the mountains to purchase a home for retirement, or a retreat, Asheville most certainly should be at the top of your consideration list. Check out the Homes for Sale Asheville NC in our listings. At Thornton Realty we love working with newcomers or those that are just seeking investment opportunities. Click to find out more.

Asheville is nestled in an area where the Blue Ridge Mountains and Great Smokies meet. It has been hailed and described as “The Paris of the South”, or the “San Francisco of the East” but most just refer to it as a friendly small city with plenty of things to do and gorgeous scenery to see. If you want to find large acreage tracts, there are areas around the city and nearby where you can find numerous tracts of affordable Real Estate in Asheville NC. Who wouldn’t want to live in an area where people flock to visit?

Take a moment and search for Asheville North Carolina Real Estate and you’ll find not only land for sale Asheville but also some really nice small farms and Homes for Sale Asheville NC in beautiful areas and neighborhoods. Many of the Asheville Properties NC that we list and sell are near to the Blue Ridge Parkway and areas that the US Forest Service maintains and owns. This makes for stunning, preserved beauty. We invite you to contact us for more information on any property that you might find.

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